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Color Matching

Color matching is a sensitive subject with Gang Run Printing, the method we use. It’s our policy to inform customers that if they have a job that is color critical, like a corporate logo on your business cards or brochures, or a high-end photographic piece for a postcard or poster, then gang run printing is not the way to go. We simply can’t guarantee color matching in our gang run business card printing, flyer printing, brochures, and other print work.

For starters, you see your flyer or business card design on a computer screen. Your business card may appear a particular shade on one screen and an entirely different shade on another screen. The rule of thumb is that what you see on screen is generally lighter than how your business card, flyer, or brochure will actually print.

Another factor is color mode. If the flyer design was done in RGB color mode, it will likely get darker when converted to CMYK, which is the color profile for print work. Lastly, because all orders for business cards, flyers, brochures, magnets, and posters are grouped together and printed on a much larger sheet of paper or stock, we lose individual control over every color on every job. Instead, we look at the sheet as a whole and try to get colors to fall within a certain range.

Overall, the finished flyer or business card should be within close range of the shade you specify. Rich black should be C=30% M=30% Y=30% and K=100%.