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Ordering Process


Your Part

  • First, select what you want to order from our “Products” page, whether it’s square flyers, business cards, posters, rack cards, magnets, or CD inserts.
  • Then you’ll need to configure your item and upload your artwork.
  • Once you’ve selected your printing options, click "Add to Cart" and go to check out.
  • Next, you select your shipping method for your business cards or other printing order. Fill in your address and enter payment info.
  • Review your order and you’re all done. The rest is up to us.

Our Part

We constantly check printing orders as they come in during normal business hours. (M-F, 10am-7pm)

  • First, we verify your business cards, posters, flyers, or other files are correctly set up and they are suitable to print.
  • If they are, we send the order to production and send you an email confirming your order is underway.
  • If your files are not properly set up, we place a hold on your order and notify you that you need to make changes to your business card, flyer, or brochure design. This is your safety net, since we will only print your order if your files are correct. We could certainly print using your incorrect files and give you back an incorrect product, but then we’d be no better than some of our competitors.