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Gang Run Printing

It’s not as hardcore as it sounds. A gang run is basically a Large sheet with multiple orders of multiple clients being placed on it to divide cost of production among many clients and to be able to offer very competitive pricing to our customers. The only down side is colors may vary from one time ordered to another because we cannot focus on any particular piece of art but instead we must focus on the entire sheet. Miami Flyers does use this method of printing to offer competitive pricing.

Traditionally, when you order printing services from a commercial printer, it’s set up and produced as an individual event. Your order alone absorbs the cost of machine setup, metal plates, labor and the like. By grouping your printing order with other similar orders using the gang run method, each business card or flyer order on the press contributes toward these costs. Think of our printing method as riding in a car full of passengers sharing gas and tolls, while the other printing process is like driving a car by yourself.

Because we’re honest people at Miami Flyers’ online printing service, we should inform you of the downsides to gang run printing. Bulk production is cost-effective, but it can come at the expense of certain printing details. When your order is on the printing press sheet, it may be running through the printer with 20 or 30 other jobs. This means that color won’t be as consistent as it would if we were only printing your job. Again, we’ll use the car analogy. If you’re the only one in the car, you control the speed, a/c, radio, foghorn - whatever. When you have other passengers, you sacrifice some of that precise control to make everyone happy. Gang run printing requires similar little compromises.

To be very clear: We cannot guarantee exact colors or cuts for your entire business card, rack card, or flyer printing order. What does this mean, practically? It means we do our best to ensure that the overall quality of your printing order is consistent, but there may be times when your color varies slightly (even if we have printed the exact same order for you before). And it could mean that certain cuts on your prints are slightly off. In addition to being honest printers, we’re also pretty reasonable. If your order was supposed to be red and you get back yellow, we know we screwed up. Or if the majority of your order is cut crooked, we’ll obviously work with you to find a solution. But if you order 5,000 business cards, rack cards, or brochures and find 200 flawed, that’s a small price to pay for, well, small prices. We call this an acceptable margin of error for our cheap online printing service, and we want to make sure you understand this before ordering from Miami Flyers.

When it comes to business card, brochure, and flyer printing quantities, we don’t have oompa loompas counting every cut. Printing industry standards give +/- 10% leeway on quantity, but we think 10% is a bit high. It would be rare for an order to be short or over by 10%, but understand that the exact amount of business cards, stickers, brochures, booklets, or rack cards you receive may vary within this range.

We save money on oompa loompas, you save money on printing. Everybody wins.